one-to-one mindfulness

One-to-one mindfulness sessions are ideal for you if you cannot commit to weekly group classes or you would like individual attention and guidance.

I offer 8 weeks MBSR

We will cover the core syllabus of the courses in MBSR, (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction).

Duration: 8 sessions 90 minutes each.

Fee: 500 Euros

I also offer various types of mindfulness individual sessions.

Individual training is tailored to your needs and includes instruction in and practice of several mindfulness meditations and discussion of how to bring mindfulness into your life.

During this sessions we can focus on your individual needs like physical pain, anxiety, work related stress, emotional eating, self- criticism ect.

I suggest minimum time frame of at least 4 weeks of 60 minutes sessions.

Fee: 50 euros per session