Self -love, compassion and acceptance

Love yourself! Easy steps to self-love workshop

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“Self-love is the source of all our other loves.” Pierre Corneille

•Do you feel like you’re never good enough no matter what you do?
•Do you accept less than what you deserve?
•Are you seeking validation from relationships, career, and people around you?
•Are you putting others before yourself and you end up getting nothing out of the deal?
•Are you hard on yourself when you don’t get something right?

Do you feel the need to change???

Learning self-love and to appreciate one’s unique self is a way to honor yourself and to build positive loving relationships.
If you don’t love yourself unconditionally, how do you expect that others will?
You ask your loved ones: Do you love me? But have you asked yourself even once, do I Love myself?
What is not allowing you to accept who you are? You are a unique human being!

In the workshop you will learn techniques to strengthen your self- love.

It will be packed with meditations, compassion and kindness practices and positive psychology exercises to help you build positive and loving relationship with you and others.

What you will learn in the workshop how:
• Start valuing yourself and be good to yourself
• Stop self- criticism
• Put yourself first place with respect to you and others
• Stop being so hard on yourself
• Start loving yourself unconditionally

This workshop is based on positive psychology, mindfulness compassion & neuropsychology.

Each of you will get a self- love journal and links to useful meditations and affirmations to support your self-love journey.
This workshop usually last 4-6 hours.