Vision board

Mindful Vision Board

These events I usually organize between I December and January for the new year change.
“A VISION BOARD is a visual map that you create to design your best possible future. It serves as your virtual GPS for work and life planning,” according to Joyce Schwarz, author of The Vision Board.

Come & spend an afternoon creating a Vision Board for you, your life goals and dreams.
Vision Boards are one of the most simple and yet very powerful tools you can use to help you start creating the life you want. And they are FUN to make!

  •  We will begin with a guided meditation, to help us set our goals and dreams,
  •  Then we will spent time creating our own Vision Board.
  • We will close this meeting with another short visualization/meditation helping our dreams and goals come true!

All basic materials to create your board is provided (i.e paper, A4/A3, glue, scissors, old magazines) along with afternoon tea and sweet snacks, but you are welcome to bring your own supplies i.e extra pair of scissors, favorite magazines or printed quotes of your choice.
After that I will send you few useful information and tips about how you can prepare to this workshop and what is good to know about vision boards.